Application Form

Please read sections General Information, Grant Application Instructions and Application Packet carefully before completing the application form below.

If you do not speak Latvian or are unsure about your Latvian proficiency, you can submit your application in English using the online form provided below.  Otherwise we encourage you to switch over to the Latvian version of this website and fill out the form in Latvian.

The Application Form must be completed and submitted electronically. Submissions in other formats will not be accepted. 

Applications will be accepted until February 15, 2023.

The required letters of recommendation must be sent via email to, and must include the following:

  • Name, surname, and title of individual making recommendation;
  • Telephone, address, email;
  • What is your connection to the applicant, organization, and/or project (limit to a few sentences)?
  • Testimony supporting the applicant (paragraph);
  • Describe the value of the proposed project (paragraph).

If you have questions or experience problems completing the application, please contact Grants Administrator Martins Hildebrants at