Application Packet

Applications for grants must be submitted electronically between January 1 and February 1 for review by the Board of the Latvian Foundation. Other formats will not be accepted. The application is considered complete only when the electronic submission and two (2) letters of recommendation have been received by the Latvian Foundation. Additional materials, if any are needed, must also be received or postmarked by February 1.

Please note that the process for applying for a grant involves the submission of the following:

  • An electronic application submitted online
  • Two (2) references
  • If the applicant is an organization, a copy of the organization’s proof of registration
  • Optional supporting documentation illustrating the nature, purpose, and quality of the project; for example, photographs, videos, book excerpts, etc.

The applicant for a grant is a physical person or organization, is responsible for the completion of the project and the financial management of the project, and is accountable to the Foundation for the project’s expenses and reports.

An applicant may submit only one application per year. An application will not be accepted if the applicant has not successfully completed an earlier project for which an LF grant has been received.

Supporting materials, if any, must be sent to Call for Proposals Manager via email:

The Call for Proposals Manager will respond to questions from January 1 until February 1. The Call for Proposals Manager will inform applicants of the status of their project proposals and will announce winning projects at the end of the application process.