Grant Application Instructions

Applications accepted for consideration

The submission period for proposals is January 1 – February 15. Proposals must be related to:

  • Latvian educational pursuits
  • Latvian arts, crafts and literature
  • Scientific work that relates to Latvia or Latvians
  • Cultural projects meaningful to Latvian heritage
  • Projects that reflect or document the life of Latvian communities outside of Latvia

Applications not accepted for consideration

  • Applications relating to political, military, or faith-based (denominational) activities
  • Applications from individuals or organizations who are currently implementing a LF grant or have unsettled accounts related to previously awarded LF grants
  • Applications from individuals or organizations who have not acted in good faith during the application process or while completing a project for which a grant has been previously awarded
  • Applications from applicants from Latvia who have not observed Latvian laws regarding the receiving of grants from a non-profit organization
  • Applications for projects from which there is expectation of significant profit, competitions with monetary or other highly valuable awards, or operating expenses for ongoing or regular events
  • Applications for projects, or parts of projects, that have already been completed
  • Incomplete or incorrectly submitted applications
  • Requests to fund entertainment, sightseeing or other activities not directly related to the project objective.

Criteria used to evaluate proposals   

  • Demonstrated innovation and creativity
  • Project’s compatibility with LF goals
  • An application which demonstrates a realistic and feasible work plan to ensure successful achievement of project goals
  • Realistic and well defined budget
  • Expressed interest in the project and/or subject matter by LF members
  • The project’s merits in relation to the other competing applications.

LF Board members consider all applications according to the above-mentioned criteria.  Projects are evaluated during the annual spring Board meeting.  

Unfortunately, the LF’s resources for grants are not able to cover all the submitted grant applications. Therefore, it is possible that a proposal may meet all the evaluation criteria, yet is not awarded a grant. In such cases, as well as when a number of proposals receive the same number of votes, the LF Board must use its discretion in choosing which applications will receive grants.