Project Completion and Reporting Guidelines

When the project has been completed, a final report (narrative and financial) of the LF grant funds must be submitted. Final disbursement of project funds will be made to the grantee within thirty (30) days after the final report has been approved by the Active Projects Administrator and notification sent to the Treasurer.

The final report to the Latvian Foundation consists of a narrative and financial report, and copies of any project outcomes.

All expenditures – receipts, invoices, etc. must be sent electronically (scanning the appropriate documents) to the Active Projects Administrator at The Active Projects Administrator will verify that the items submitted reflect those outlined in the budget and direct the LF Treasurer to make a payment to the Grant Recipient. The Treasurer will make the payment within thirty (30) days upon direction by the Active Projects Administrator. Funding will only be provided after expenditures are accounted for.

Upon completion of the project, the Grant Recipient must provide the following:

Narrative Report

Provide a narrative account of the project – describing the results of the project, its accomplishments, successes and failures;
confirm that the project was completed in accordance with the application submitted;
confirm that the Latvian Foundation has been recognized as a supporter of the project and that LF’s logo has been displayed (for e.g. on a book cover, on a website, on Facebook);
explain where any materials created by the project will be retained (in a library, museum, etc.);

Financial Report

The financial report includes a compilation of expenses and services used to complete the project.  This should reflect the categories and estimated amounts submitted in the proposal budget. It includes only those expenditures that relate to the LF grant awarded to the project, not to the cost of the project as a whole. Please see link to download the necessary form.
receipts – should be organized in chronological sequence, and should correspond to the budget
expenditures – should be only those described in the application
expenditure amounts – can be shown in the original currency, but must be calculated in U.S. dollars and rounded to the nearest dollar.

Copy of the Completed Project to be Kept by LF

In cases when the project’s output relates to books, manuscripts, programs, videos or CDs, one copy of these materials are to be given to the Active Projects Administrator for the LF archives. If the completed project did not result in a physical product, such as a conference, a concert, a restoration, etc, then copies must be provided of promotional materials, media reports, articles or interviews about the project for LF’s archives.

The Latvian Foundation would also be very pleased to receive any other materials of interest that relate to the project (such as photos, interviews, documents, etc.) and can be used by LF in its promotional and informational materials. Your project’s success is a Latvian Foundation success! We hope you will allow us to share your successes with our membership and the public.

A non-binding request

In some cases when a project is completed under budget or results in profits, the grantee has voluntarily returned a portion or all of the funding back to the Latvian Foundation. While this is not a requirement, LF invites its grantees to consider this as an option because it will provide more funding opportunities for others in the future.