The Latvian Foundation's Mission

May 1, 2019

To preserve and strengthen Latvian identity

Latvians at an outdoor gathering

Our mission is to preserve Latvian heritage outside of Latvia and to support Latvian culture and education within Latvia by financially assisting projects relating to Latvian literature, language, music, theater, arts and sciences, as well as to educational pursuits which maintain and enhance Latvian heritage.

The Foundation’s goal is to award grants towards significant achievements in the preservation and progress of our Latvian culture and heritage, and in disseminating and passing it on to future generations.

It is difficult to maintain one’s cultural heritage in today’s global world. Latvian communities outside of Latvia are less cohesive than they once were. Second and third generation young people of Latvian  ancestry no longer necessarily live near organized Latvian centers. At the same time, recent Latvian émigrés do not always have a Latvian support network to turn to in order to maintain their cultural traditions.

We support:

  • Latvian education and upbringing
  • Latvian arts, crafts and folklore
  • Academic fields connected to the Latvian nation, its history and people
  • Other cultural endeavors which are deemed significant and of value to Latvia and Latvians

Līga Ruperte,  initiator and coordinator of the 3x3 movement and longstanding member of LF:

“The Latvian Foundation deserves a large thanks from the worldwide 3x3 movement, because it is only with the financial support that I received from LF that I was able do my research in 1980 about what attracts and on the other hand, what drives individuals away from the Latvian community. The result of my research findings was the development of the 3x3 framework, its mandate, goals, and programming. Since our first 3x3 camp in 1981, held in Garezers, USA, there have been 176 3x3 camps in seven countries with more than 26,000 participants, all thanks to that first LF support.
Thank you LF!”



Kristīne Bērziņa, LF member and board member:

"I was drawn to join the Latvian Foundation because of its multi-faceted and broad reach, especially its commitment to support activities not just in the former exile communities, but in Latvia as well. Events supported by LF, such as the Traditional Kokle Festival in Latgale and 3x3 camps in the U.S. promote interaction between Latvians in Latvia and abroad.  LF provides the opportunity for dedicated Latvians to continue already established cooperation programs and develop new ones."